Thursday, June 25, 2009

Proteins All The Way!

People, here is some dope on the role of proteins in promoting weight-loss.

Many people, including I, swear by a low carb-high protein diet. It's said to work in two ways -The body needs more water to digest starch, so eating less of it creates a fluid loss which means you would lose a couple of pounds almost immediately.

Secondly, protein is more filling than carbs, stays longer in the system and the body needs more calories to burn it.

Personally, a low carb diet works for me. I try not to consume rotis, rice or bread at dinner time. You can feel the effect of this within a couple of days! You feel lighter and if you consume proteins such as chicken & paneer for lunch, it will keep you full for a long time and there would be no cravings for junk food in the evenings!

So there, the secret behind the effectiveness of a high-protein diet in helping reduce weight is unraveled!

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